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Liam McClintock, Naturopath, LAc, DHANP
Naturopath, Licensed Acupuncturist,
Board Certified in Homeopathy & Acupuncture

Biography about Dr. Liam McClintock

Liam McClintock graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine with a Naturopathic Medicine degree, and from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine with a Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree. At both schools, Dr. McClintock underwent an extensive internship, which included the supervised treatment of a wide variety of conditions using natural methods. Within recent years, he practiced general naturopathic medicine, homeopathic medicine, and acupuncture and Oriental medicine at the Naturopathic Clinic of Concord, the Holistic Health Center in Gilford, New Hampshire in affiliation with Lakes Region General Hospital, and Rising Tide Natural Medicine in Yarmouth, Maine.

Dr. McClintock

He was a licensed Naturopath and Board Certified in Acupuncture in Maine, and is a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado, and is Nationally Certified in Homeopathy (DHANP) and Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Previously, he has also been a licensed physician in the states of Washington and Oregon.

Liam McClintock's undergraduate pre-medical studies were conducted at Swarthmore College and the University of Colorado, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Liam worked on a ski patrol for several years prior to attending college, during which he became an Emergency Medical Technician. He has worked in the health food industry over a span of 12 years in Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington. In Vancouver, Washington, he developed and managed a natural pharmacy in a retail health-food store which served doctors and their patients in the surrounding metropolitan area.

Liam and Baby

Liam is a father of four sons. He enjoys many outdoor sports including trail running, telemark and alpine skiing, wind surfing, surfing, backpacking, hiking, and cycling. In fact, it was on a solo off-road bicycle trek from Telluride, Colorado to Moab, Utah that Liam discovered his life path should include Naturopathic Medicine. His other interests and hobbies include attending seminars and concerts, reading, gardening, and cooking.

With so many choices, why I should choose Doctor Liam McClintock
  • Over 17 years practicing naturopathy and homeopathy in Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA, Concord, NH, Gilford, NH, and Yarmouth, ME, and Boulder, CO
  • Board Certified (ME) and Nationally Certified (NCCAOM) and Licensed (CO) in Acupuncture
  • Previous naturopathic practice at The Naturopathic Clinic of Concord (NH), and Lakes Region General Hospital (Laconia, NH)
  • Founding Director of the Holistic Health Center in Gilford, NH, in affiliation with Lakes Region General Hospital
  • Developed and managed a natural and homeopathic pharmacy in Vancouver, WA
  • Employed in the Health Food Industry for more than 12 years
  • Continuing Educator of homeopathic practitioners in Concord, NH and Freeport, ME
Licensure, Certification, and Training
  • Previously licensed Naturopath in the State of Maine
  • Nationally Certified (NCCAOM) and Licensed (CO) in Acupuncture
  • Board Certified in Homeopathy (DHANP)
  • Graduate of four year Naturopathic Medical College with Internship
  • Graduate of three year Master degree program in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  • Extensive postgraduate training in homeopathy locally and internationally
  • Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
Naturopathic and Homeopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is the scientific and artful application of natural therapies that have been used successfully for thousands of years to treat individuals with chronic and recurrent illnesses. A basic tenet of Naturopathy is that all living creatures have an innate ability to heal themselves and can reverse the progression of disease if guided with knowledge and care. The Naturopath serves as a facilitator and educator of clients to allow their bodies to recuperate and maintain optimal health. He or she employs the least invasive therapies with the greatest potential for benefit. The underlying cause of the illness is addressed to ensure a long-lasting and effective recovery. Naturopathic treatment can make use of any combination of the following modalities of treatment:

  • Classical Homeopathic Medicine
  • Chinese or Western Herbal Medicine
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Naturopathic Physical Medicine
  • Acupuncture

Homeopathy is a truly holistic medicine which takes into account the intricate interaction of mental, emotional and physical manifestations of health and ill-health. By simultaneously addressing the various levels of a person's condition, homeopathic remedies can effectively treat a myriad of symptoms and bring about a remarkable state of wellbeing. Homeopathic remedies are inexpensive, taken infrequently, and are ideal for drug-sensitive persons and persons with complex ailments.

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