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Rising Tide Natural Medicine
Liam McClintock, Naturopath, LAc, DHANP
Naturopath, Licensed Acupuncturist,
Board Certified in Homeopathy & Acupuncture


Leaf Bullet Holistic care for patients with a broad array of symptoms and diagnoses
Leaf Bullet Homeopathic treatment of chronic illnesses, drug-sensitive patients, and psychological conditions
Leaf Bullet Acupuncture for the treatment of nervous, endocrine, and immune system imbalance
Leaf Bullet Nutritional consultation to prevent disease or to slow disease progression
Leaf Bullet Chinese and Western herbal medicine for treatment of conditions while minimizing side-effects

Classical Homeopathic Treatment

This powerful system of medicine is more than 200 years old and is widely accepted in other countries. The Royal Family of England and the President of India use a homeopathic doctor. Homeopathic medicines act to strengthen and direct the body's innate immune response, so they seldom have side effects. Many chronic and recurring conditions for which conventional medicine has no effective cure will respond well to homeopathic treatment. Emphasis is placed on understanding and treating the underlying cause of each individual's imbalance. This holistic approach to health addresses mental and emotional as well as physical conditions.


In the Chinese medical model, thin sterile needles can be inserted at specific points on the body to remove an imbalance or blockage of energy that may be causing pain or other symptoms. The points are carefully selected according to the person's signs and symptoms and each treatment is tailored to the individual's needs. In restoring balance to a person's body, acupuncture returns them to a healthy state.

Western or Chinese Herbal Therapies

Herbal or botanical medicine uses plant, mineral, or animal substances to act as powerful medicines. Herbs are often safe and effective if used properly, in the correct dose, and in proper combination with other herbs or treatments. A resurgence of scientific research in Europe and Asia is demonstrating that many plant substances are superior to synthetic drugs in a wide variety of clinical situations, with less reported side effects.

Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition and the therapeutic use of foods has always been a cornerstone of Naturopathic Medicine. A growing body of scientific knowledge in this area is reflected throughout numerous professional journals, validating the naturopathic approach to diet and nutrition. Many medical conditions can be treated and prevented effectively by altering the diet and with nutritional supplements. In their training, Licensed Naturopaths receive more than 140 classroom hours of study in clinical nutrition.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is the scientific and artful application of natural therapies that have been used successfully for thousands of years to treat individuals with chronic and recurrent illnesses. A basic tenet of Naturopathy is that all living creatures have an innate ability to heal themselves and can reverse the progression of disease if guided with knowledge and care. The Naturopath serves as a facilitator and educator of clients to allow their bodies to recuperate and maintain optimal health. He or she employs the least invasive therapies with the greatest potential for benefit. The underlying cause of the illness is addressed to ensure a long-lasting and effective recovery. Naturopathic treatment can make use of any combination of the following modalities of treatment:

  • Classical Homeopathic Medicine
  • Chinese or Western Herbal Medicine
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Naturopathic Physical Medicine
  • Acupuncture

Naturopathic Physical Medicine

Naturopathic principles date back more than 200 years and some methods are still used by conventional nurses and practitioners to speed healing. Hydrotherapy involves the application of different temperatures of water to the body at various intervals to stimulate blood flow to vital organs. Spinal manipulation improves mobility and nerve conduction to limbs and vital organs. Massage helps to improve lymphatic drainage and circulation locally.

Rising Tide


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